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Title Overture in D Major "in the Italian Style", D.590
Composer Schubert, Franz
Contributor's Name
Bio The neglect that Franz Schubert suffered for most of the 19th century now seems incredible. None of his symphonies was performed during his lifetime (except, perhaps, for readings at private concerts Schubert held himself) and not one was published until some fifty years after his death. Part of the problem, perhaps, was the Schubert (unlike Mozart or Beethoven) was not a virtuoso performer on any instrument, and he found no other means of promoting himself. And despite the fact that Schubert is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, writer of melodies, most of Europe was already headed toward the complexity and ambiguity of the high Romantic era.

Around 1818, as Vinna was becoming increasingly fond of Rossini and his Italian counterparts, many Viennese composers began composing works "in the Italian style" to keep up with the demand and compete for their own place in the concert hall. Both of Schubert's Overtures in the Italian Style are deservedly popular and are avowed burlesques ofthe overtures of Rossini. Both have lyric Adagio introductions followed by lively Allegros, and are fine examples of Schubert's versatility in style and form. Nonetheless, Schubert's characteristic talents for writing beautiful melodies are clearly evident.


Work record last updated on 10-16-2006