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Title Symphony No. 5 in B-flat Major
Composer Schubert, Franz
Contributor's Name Oliver Roosevelt
Bio The Schubert work you hear tonight is sometimes called "The Symphony without Trumpets and Drums" for obvious reasons. Schubert was only 19 when he penned it, but he was already a master of the form. When you leave the performance hall though, it will not be structure that will remain in your mind, but the graceful melodies in all four of its movements. From the first theme, four whispered measures into the work, to the finale's Haydneque, spontaneous, and joyful rondo tune, this is indelibly the product of the greatest melodist of all time.

Schubert wrote the symphony for an orchestra even smaller than the Red Mountain Chamber Orchestra. The group evolved from the string quartet that used to meet in Schubert's home. Thus expanded, it was conducted by Otto Hatwig, a composer and violinist in the Burgtheater. The premiere of the Fifth Symphony, at Hatwig's house, was the only performance Schubert heard of it.

This music is far from that of Beethoven, his contemporary in Vienna. Shortly before he started it, Schubert described Beethoven's influence as "that eccentricity which joins and confuses the tragic with the comic, the agreeable with the repulsive, heroism with howlings, and the holiest with harlequinades, without distinction, so as to goad people to madness instead of dissolving them in love, to incite them to laughter instead of lifting them to God."


Work record last updated on 07-15-2004