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Title Suite No. 2 for Small Orchestra
Composer Stravinsky, Igor
Contributor's Name
Bio Movements: Marche / Valse / Polka / Galop

Musically, Stravinsky never liked to say the same thing twice, and the two small suites on today's program are no exception. They date from the early 20s and are orchestrations of music originally composed for piano duet. All the key elements of Stravinsky's style come into play in these pieces -- colorful orchestrations, asymmetrical rhythmic patterns, a rich harmonic palette, and a singularly individual approach to melody.

The composer completed the orchestrations for Suite No. 1 between 1917 and 1925, dating the complete full score December 31, 1925. This first suite presents some of Stravinsky's impressions of Europe including Italy (Neapolitana), Spain (Espanola), and Russia (Balalaika).

The second suite, composed in 1921, grew out of a commission from a Paris music-hall, which needed incidental music for a comic sketch. The four movements of this suite employ more generic dance forms popular in the early twentieth century. Both of these suites found their way into ballets later in the centure, including Jose Limon's Petite Suite in 1936, Jerome Robbins' Afterthoughts in 1946, and Michel Descombey's Les Baladins in 1958.


Work record last updated on 07-16-2004