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Title Concerto for Organ and Strings, in C, Hoboken XVIII:10
Composer Haydn, Franz Joseph
Contributor's Name Ty Thornton
Bio Movements: Moderato / Adagio / Allegro

Haydn's concertos remain one of the composer's least known genres (along with his operas), yet they contain some thoroughly delightful music. According to Haydn scholar H.C. Robbins Landon, Haydn's organ concerti likely grew out of a tradition common in Austria and southern Germany in the eighteenth century of performing organ concertos in the middle of the Mass. These organs were often small instruments with no pedals, which, along with the possible ecclesiastical use of these works, may account for the lack of technical display in the solo part.

Haydn's organ concerti follow the typical concerto pattern of movements of fast-slow-fast and display the composer's usual mastery of formal procedures. The opening movement of the Concerto in C major, which dates from the 1750s, employs melodic material and harmonic procedures typical of Haydn's symphonies of the period. The middle Adagio features a lovely lyrical melody presented by the organ, accompanied lightly by the string orchestra. The finale bounces along in a lively 3/8 meter, reminiscent of an Austrian country dance.


Work record last updated on 07-16-2004