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Title Five Pieces for String Orchestra, Op. 44, No. 4
Composer Hindemith, Paul
Contributor's Name Ty Thornton
Bio Movements: Langsam (slow) / Langsam; Schnell (slow; fast) / Lebhaft (lively) / Sehr langsam (very slow) / Lebhaft (lively)

The set of pieces on today's program dates from Hindemith's tenure as a professor at the Berlin High School for Music in 1927. The opus 44 Schulwerk consists of four set pieces, each intended for a successively more advanced level of student orchestras. The set of five pieces in the No. 4 was intended for the advanced orchestra, and as such displays all the hallmarks of Hindemith's mature style -- the dissonant approach to tonality, the skillful contrapuntal interweaving of lines, and a careful control of color and texture.


Work record last updated on 07-16-2004