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Title Suite for Trumpet and Orchestra in D Major
Composer Clarke, Jeremiah
Contributor's Name Paul Morton
Bio Jeremiah Clarke was an English composer and organist. He was a leading composer of the generation immediately after Henry Purcell (1659-1695). With much of his work undated and an untimely death in December of 1707, Clarke might have slipped into obscurity were it not for Sir Henry Wood, who used The Prince of Denmark's March (the original title) in an arrangement for trumpet, organ, and drums. Wood wrongly attributed the now famous Rondeau or Trumpet Voluntary, the fourth movement of the Suite in D Major, to Purcell. Clarke is clearly the composer as at least five different sources bear his name.

This suite (originally called Suite de Clarke) was assembled late in Clarke's life as some of the tunes came from earlier works or events. The Dume of Gouster's March was also theater music. The Minuet was from a 1701 banquet. Sybelle (Cebel) was from Music on Henry Purcell's Death. The remaining movements are songs probably written for this suite.


Work record last updated on 07-15-2004