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Revision Log

Date Changes Made

Temporarly discontinued use of revision log  revision and corrections occuring daily. ct
04/27/2002 Added pages for Mother's Day Concert
Added link for Mother's Day Concert to menu
Added announcements mailing list and sign-up form
Updated directions for spring concert
Updated 22nd Season's "Schedule" page with concert info
04/21/2002 Added pages for Spring concert and conductor
Added concert link to main menu
Updated schedule page
02/17/2002 Added pages for soloists and conductor for the Whittington Competition concert
Added concert program and lyrics page for the Whittington Competition concert - provided by David Agresti
Added links to soloists and conductor from concert menu page
Corrected old link on main page
02/01/2002 Added page for Whittington Competition concert
Added two new photos pages
Reloaded all text files with unix formatting
Added "Links" page to menu - the page had been created some time ago but forgot to put in the link
01/12/2002 has crashed and is no longer going to provide free webhosting
Activated domain
Loaded website onto new domain from backups
10/30/2001 Updated "Broken Strings" and "Conductors & Soloists" pages with information from the November 2000 Program.
Put the Gala Anniversary concert link in its own section per Suzanne Beaudry. Additional photos/info to follow. Re-labelled Bluff Park photos.
10/27/2001 Registered domain and parked it at
10/22/2001 Added Conductors & Soloists page
10/20/2001 Added links and pages for Season 22
Added RMCO Roster page
Added RMCO Facts page
Added thumbnail graphics to photos page
Re-organized file/directory structure
Removed MS-based XML from some existing pages
09/25/2001 Created non-frames version
06/25/2001 Added PNG files (Portable Network Graphics) using Sun's StarOffice