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The Red Mountain Chamber Orchestra Players

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Roster consists of people who have played in the last year.

Bassoon Harp Violins (1st & 2nd)
Brenda Akin Ellen Stanton Ilene Brill
Jeremy Arthur   Patrick Cates
Richard Murry Oboe Katie Cruce
  Lisa Buck Susan Dean
Cello Brian Van Tine Kimberly Ferguson
Tracy Bishoff   Dawn Grant, Principal - 2nd Violin
Daniel Hallmark Percussion Catherine Hunt
Carol Leitner, Principal
Heidi Kapanka
Jackie McKinney   Gwen Knowlton, Concertmaster
Dorinda Smith Trombone
Diedre Vaughn Charles Ard
  Bob Black Amanda Odom
Clarinet Alan Brooks Godehard Oepen
Barry Jackson Janet Taylor Marilyn Pipkin
Ron Peters  
  Trumpet David Sherman
Double Bass Dennis Carroll Charles Tharp
Kendall Holman, Principal Chuck King  
Steve Lewis
Harry McAfee Conductors
  Paul Morton Tom Gibbs
Flute   Howard Goldstein
David Agresti Tuba Harry McAfee
Peggy Brooks Joey Hall Todd Norton
Don Gilliland   Mark Ridings
  Viola Robert Wright
French Horn Suzanne Beaudry, Principal  
Ginny Carroll Joanna Bosko Consultants
John B. Greer Karen Eastman Les Fillmer
Amy McAfee   Oliver Roosevelt
Julie McEntee
August 8  2002